Best Examples for Writing a Thesis Statement

Writing a Good Thesis
A sentence in which you can sum up the central point of your essay is a thesis statement. The writers have to write a thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph. No doubt, you may have to make some changes in the thesis statement while writing different kinds of essays. Anyhow, you should clearly state the main idea of the document in the thesis statement. In the rest of the essay, you will have to relate to the thesis statement. If you will get success in finding a clear thesis statement, you can easily provide direction and structure to your essay.

Tips for Writing a Good Thesis Statement

While crafting the best thesis statement, you will have to follow some important tips. First, your thesis statement should be specific. You should not make it too vague. If it is too vague, you should refine your arguments to make them too specific. Secondly, you should make clear arguments in the thesis statement. Before creating a thesis statement, you should check the set of parameters to write the paper. You should include such arguments in a thesis statement that you can easily describe in the paper. Its reason is that you have limited space in the paper. After writing the essay, if you have not described some essential arguments of the thesis statement in the essay, you can change them.

Thirdly, you should take a strong stance on the arguments. You should try to analyze the statement. While analyzing the statement, you should make sure that you can easily argue with this statement. It is also the best way to develop a unique perspective for your essay. Fourthly, you will have to question your assumptions by knowing the intended audience. The writers should also make sure that all the people can easily hold their arguments. Here, you can also revise your arguments. While revising these arguments, you don't need to depend on these assumptions. At last, you should not hide your thesis statement. You should write it at the end of the introductory paragraph. This is the best place to move the readers in the body of the arguments.

Examples for Writing a Thesis Statement

Example 1:

In an essay, if you have to discuss the process to make peanut butter, your thesis statement will look like. "To make the peanut butter, you will have to procure the ingredients. After that, you will have to spread the condiments by finding a knife."

Example 2:

Instead of making peanut butter, you can also dissertation proposal writing services essay on the benefits of peanut butter. Under such a situation, your thesis statement will look like. "Peanut butter is healthy for us because it is versatile. Moreover, it is easy to make and tastes good."

Example 3:

In the recent era, we should understand the importance of the vaccine. You can create a thesis statement for your essay in this way. "Herd immunity is helpful for us to save the possible damages of COVID-19. That's why all the healthy people should be vaccinated."

Example 4:

No doubt, educational resources are not the same for all students. Low-income students have to face some problems while getting an education. You can write a thesis statement about educational resources for low-income students in this way. "During the summer vacations, the schools should provide educational resources to the students. It's because the low-income students can forget what they have learnt in the school."

Example 5:

While going to the schools, the students have to wear uniforms. No doubt, school uniforms are important for the students. "School uniform is important to create an egalitarian atmosphere in the schools. It can eradicate the income differences of the students."

Example 6:

If we have to get useful information about a specific subject, we have to visit public libraries. "A public library is one of the most important resources of a community. That's why the local municipalities should allocate heavy funds for them."

Example 7:

To enhance productivity within an organization, the organization should focus on work-life balance. "The organizations should provide home-based working facilities to the employees. They should also ask the employees to work six hours a day in the office. This thing will increase the productivity of the employees."

Example 8:

In some cases, we have to learn about the cultures of other countries. If we want to learn about the cultures of other countries, we have to study abroad. "Study abroad is helpful for the students to learn about other cultures. It is also the way to get complete command of the foreign language."

Example 9:

To prevent smokers from smoking, the countries are implementing heavy taxes on cigarettes. The countries should understand that it is not the best way to prevent people from smoking. "The federal and state governments should not implement heavy taxes on the cigarettes. To save the people from this evil, the governments should try to educate them about the possible dangers of cigarettes."

Example 10:

Writing a good thesis 2
If you are asked to write an essay about the importance of veganism diet, you can also write its thesis statement. "Veganism diet is a healthy and ethical way of consuming the food. It is also showing a position of privilege. When you will travel to the world, it will prevent you from eating the foods of other countries."

Example 11:

The assignment writing service firm should provide better facilities for women in the workplace. "To encourage the working women, we should offer them high wage jobs. We should also provide better facilities for the women to learn specific skills."

Example 12:

Employers should create diversity in the workplace. "When you will gather a diverse group of people at one stage, you can get better ideas. It is also the best way to create empathy between the people of different skin colours and backgrounds."


When you will have to compose a thesis statement, you should not only consider its format. You will have to check some other factors too. First, we have to consider its length. Based on the points or arguments, you can make it short or long. Anyhow, your thesis statement should be in between 30 to 40 words. Secondly, you should develop a specific position about the topic. It means that you will have to tell the readers what you are going to discuss in the essay. At last, you should pay attention to its strength. It should be strong enough that you can easily argue about it.

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