Grammar Checking Tools That Are Necessary For Assignment Writing

Grammar Checking Tools
Grammar mistakes poses a bad impact on your assignment. Recently numerous online checking tools are introduced to identify and improve grammar mistakes. This article lists down some great grammar checking tools that are necessary for assignment writing:

Trinka AI

The first grammar checking tool was Trinka AI. It was the only tool for enhancing language and grammar improvement when it was introduced. It was first introduced to improve manuscripts for academic English usage and technical vocabulary and to make them ready for publication. It is different from other grammar checking tools. It ensures holistic language enhancement beyond spelling and grammar checking. It also offers custom features.

These features are maintaining academic tone, providing unbiased language, concept clarity, sentence structure, and alternative word choices. It possesses an academic style guide and gives suggestions accordingly. It also explains why you have to correct according to suggestions. It also helps reduce the word count by providing alternatives. These alternatives reduce the word count without altering the meaning of the sentences.

The most important feature is that it allows you to choose between the US and UK English. It was developed by a group of engineers and data scientists. It is a writing assistant to help people in various types of communication, from day to day conversations to academic level conversations.


Grammarly is the most famous tool for checking grammar these days. It can be used with various other apps and applications. It can be connected with various applications like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Edge browsers.

It is used to check the spelling, grammar and engagement mistakes in sentences. It presents you the total number of mistakes in your piece of writing. Against every mistake, it shows improvement. It also suggests alternative sentences too to improve your assignment writing. One disadvantage is that you have to use a text editor for proofreading. It can be upgraded to a paid version with some additional features.

The premium service of Grammarly provides the facility of checking plagiarism. It also gives citation suggestions. The free service of Grammarly only gives you access to correct basic mistakes. You have to use a premium service to improve grammar mistakes, correctness, delivery and engagement.


Ginger is also a grammar checking tool that is necessary for assignment writing. It aids in improving your assignment writing. It gives a great user experience. It can be in the browser on board. Just like Grammarly, it shows a small icon in the right lower corner of apps attached to it.

Numerous applications can be attached with it, like WordPress post editor, compose area, including Gmail, and Facebook. It shows the mistakes in your writing as you write. It aids in the tracking of mistakes. It is easy to use. But this grammar checking tool has various disadvantages. When you need to switch from WordPress to a text editor, you have to start Ginger editor separately.

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Hemingway is a web-based text editor. It cannot be connected with the application you are using. But you can check your assignment, articles and other pieces of writing for the readability score, adverbs, hard to read sentences and very hard to read sentences. It gives you a score from 1 to 10. A score of up to seven or less than seven is considered good.

It also highlights the sentences which are hard to read and adverbs and passive voice. In its, free services you have to paste your assignment. It will let you know about the readability of your assignment. That is why it is one of the necessary grammar checking tools for assignment writing. It is not just a grammar checking tool.

It also checks your writing style. It aids you in improving the readability of your assignment by presenting a readability score and suggesting improvements. You can use its premium services to use more features of this grammar checking tool. These are the tools that are necessary for the assignment. You can choose the grammar checking tool as per your requirements. You can also use more than one tool to bring perfection in your assignment writing.

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