Top 5 Places Where You Can Find Business Proposal Templates Free

Business Proposal Templates Free
Do you know from where every successful project start? You are right if you said a finely crafted proposal. Every business begins with a compelling proposal. A persuasive proposal attracts your business investors, sponsors and potential partners. Many business owners want to start their businesses, but they do not know about business proposal templates. Keeping this difficulty in view, I will discuss the top 5 places where you can find proposal templates related to every business for free. But before moving further into the topic, let’s explain the term business proposal and its importance.

What is a Business Proposal?

A business proposal contains all the details about a business. It has information about the business goals and how the company will work in the future. A finely prepared business proposal also has information about the potential loss and profit that the company will earn. In theoretical words, it is a road map for your company that you will be following in the future.

Importance of Business Proposal

A business proposal holds immense importance in the success of a company. By clearly defining the goals and objectives of the company, it does not let the company change its route. It is also important when the company takes important decisions. A business proposal reminds the organisation of its goals. Thus, companies look for business proposal templates to make one for themselves.

Top 5 Places

After introducing the business proposal and its importance, let’s discuss where you can find business proposal templates. A brief description of the top 5 places is as follows:


It is the first website that you can use to find a business proposal template. There are hundreds of online free templates available. From online stores and registration forms to business proposals and customer details, it is home to almost every template you require in a business. By uing the online editing facility of this website, you can create a proposal of your accord. However, you can also download the business proposal templates.

Talking about the pricing, it has four categories, i.e., Starter, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The prices and benefits change with shifting types. The starter pack is also very useful for one-time users. It offers five templates to download for free. After that, you need to buy a plan.


Vennage is the second largest database of business proposal templates. The eye-catching illustrations and designs of the templates attract many people. Again, this website has a built-in editor, and you can edit the template based on your requirements. One hurdle you may face while using this website is its signup policy. You cannot create or download a design or template without signing up on the website.

There are also four plans that this website offers. You can access only five designs and templates in free mode and edit them after creating an account. Also, in free mode, the limit of picture usage is six, which means you can only upload six images. There are individual, business and enterprise plans as you move on further. The prices and benefits differ a lot.


Businesses based in the UK trust this website a lot when it comes to business proposal templates as well as dissertation proposal writing service. With over ten years of experience in the academic industry, this website contains a lot of templates. All the templates regarding different fields are available to download for free. Once you click on the download button, the template will be opened in Google Drive. From there, just click on the download button, and the downloaded pdf will be in front of you. It is very simple to use and handle.

Moreover, this website also offers a custom proposal writing service. You can hire it without any doubt in your mind. It has the best writers and editors to ensure your business proposal is persuasive and attract more investors. The collection of business proposal templates is also very huge in number. You can go and check their website for further information.

4. is my fourth pick in the top five places to find a business proposal template. It is home to more than 5000 templates. It contains templates of infographics, brands and presentations. Although the business proposal templates are not the core property of this website, it includes those templates. You can find them under the section of documents after pressing the tab of templates. There is a separate tab of proposals on the website. A whole new world of different business proposal templates will be in front of you by pressing the tab.

As well as pricing is concerned, this website also has four plans for its users. The first plan is for one-time visitors; it is free. They can store up to 100 MB of the data in the cloud storage of However, you can download the template only in the form of a JPG. Other categories are individual, business and enterprise. The pricing and benefits of those categories differ from each other.


Canva is an Australian based graphic and template platform. Many of you may have heard about this online tool. Canva has also launched an app along with the website. The users can access millions of free templates by using their mobile. It has a built-in editor, and you can edit the information or design based on your objectives.

Talking about the pricing and plans, you will not find any other generous website more than Canva. Its free version offers up to 250,000+ free designs to its users. The cloud storage provision is also mind-blowing, i.e., 5 GB. The business proposal templates are also available for free to download. Thus, the Canva is a complete package for users.


Downloading business proposal templates have become a lot easier nowadays. The websites mentioned above are the top five places that you can use. It does not mean that you cannot take help from other websites. You can search for other platforms online too.

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